Is emergency contraception right for me?

Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.1 It has to be used as soon as possible.1

If you’ve had unprotected sex within the last 5 days, and it is not the right time in your life to have a baby, you are right to consider emergency contraception.

Have you had unprotected sex?

  • Did the condom slip off or break?
  • Did you forget to:

– Take your contraceptive pill?

– Insert your contraceptive ring?

– Apply your contraceptive patch?

  • Did your diaphragm or cap slip or did you forget to use it?
  • Did he fail to pull out in time?
  • Did you forget to use any contraception?
  • Were you forced to have sex without contraception?


My emergency contraception options

In Europe, there are two different emergency contraceptive options:

  • Tablet ‘the morning-after pill’ for oral use
  • Intrauterine device to be fitted in the womb